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Shockingly, the closing industry has been turning out a lot of baby clothing recently with borderline vulgar or sexist slogans. You’ll see these websites who think it is either geeky or cool to put images or sayings on children’s clothing that appeals to a parent’s sense of humor.

One thing to remember with children is that others treat those young ones in ways that are similar to how they observe the parents actually treating the child. Therefore, risqué or tawdry outfits could result in your baby being treated in such a way that it impacts their healthy development. You have an opportunity to create positive imagery for your child. This includes savory, and/or optimistic, messages that emphasize healthy fun and family relationships. Keep it positive!.

You don’t ever want a stranger to believe that offensive messages on your babies outfits is some kind of excuse to act with less propriety around them. Studies indicate that cursing is more prevalent, not to mention worse and unspeakable things, when the baby is not part of a strong and healthy family unit. We’re not saying that the parent intends for this at all, merely that buying such clothing can be a harmless oversight in their minds, whereas it might have far more significant impact when the child wears the clothing out in the real world.

To some degree, in this environment in which we live, parents need to be extra careful about the way they raise their children. It is a dangerous world. Simple onesies for babies, made a nice soft and breathable cotton, can be an excellent way to close your children. They also have tremendous advantages for the parent.

Properly engineered onesies will either unbutton all the way to the feet or unzip all the way to the same, allowing you easy access to make diaper changes or swapout outfits. And you can find them with absolutely cute messages as well. There is no need to buy into pop culture and adorn your child with adult messages that they don’t even understand in the first place.

You might be surprised to read the research around the subject. Gerber is one of those companies who takes a wholesome approach to baby clothing. Yes, they are awfully traditional, but their clothing is of an extremely high quality and you won’t find questionable messaging anywhere in their product line. You’ll find cute graphics that babies love, as they learn about animals and other fun things in their environment. Yes, it’s a huge responsibility to raise a child. We get it. But simple things like clothing can play a crucial role.